"You don't realize how easy this game is until you get up in that broadcast booth." -Mickey Mantle

In the brave new media world we work in, where software has become both the buyer and the seller and everything is being measured, it is critically important that your company have access to the right tools to do the job.  Whether your role is selling or buying, analyzing, integrating or validating, RLA has over 30 years of deep experience that can help you.  


What RLA has done

From the early days of Mini-Pak/JDS/.../Imagine to Datatech/Mediabank/Mediaocean, from Broadway to Rentrak/comScore, RLA has built systems that do the job and give you the flexibility you need.  

RLA was first to integrate TECC cable EDI, first to deploy minute-by-minute ratings in an agency system, first to develop a cross-media TV reporting tool, first to facilitate  non-"standard" as a national and local currency.  And there have been other firsts as well.

RLA stresses standardization as the key to moving the industry forward.

RLA has worked hand-in-hand with the 4A's, the CAB/VAB, Ad-ID and other consortiums to develop industry standards.  And when business needs demanded a standard that didn't yet exist, such as for eTraffic between agencies and ECN, RLA stepped up and developed a language for the parties to communicate in until BXF came to be.

How RLA can help

Whether your company is building new media systems or updating existing ones, RLA can help.  If domain knowledge is required in any combination of research, EDI, sales, stewardship, traffic, accounting, EDI, corporate reporting, big data analysis or media auditing, RLA can help.  And whether you need a strategic solution, tactical assistance, or simply validation of your approach, RLA can help.