What is Ron Levy Associates?


RLA is an adtech consulting practice


Formed in 2016, RLA has been a participant in a number of industry-leading ventures, including …

  • Product design and marketing for a centralized metric distribution service
  • Product design and marketing for a media back-office workflow
  • A new enterprise media stewardship system from the ground-up
  • Integrations between third parties for research, schedule and financial data
  • Data integration for alternative metrics into the plan/buy/post of an emerging "programmatic" system
  • Data analysis on an early-state targeted ad database
  • Data warehouse design reviews (client benefited with major efficiencies)
  • Research data feasibility study for a major systems supplier
  • Systems reviews for media companies managing their growth
  • Paid speaker for industry forums and 1:1 worldview discussions
  • SME on numerous M&A and PE projects

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Ron Levy Associates